Social Media’s Effect on Search Engine Rankings

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What does internet activity look like for most people? It probably consists of multiple trips to websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or other social media websites in a day. Many people go to and rely on social media websites for their daily news and more importantly their buying decisions. So how important is your social media management to your SEO campaign? Read on to find out.

Interaction: Twitter is a quick way for someone to get information in the form of a 160 character tweet. These tweets build up after awhile and tweets with the right keywords will start to rank on search engine rankings. If your Twitter account is aimed at ranking for a certain keyword anywhere from 50-5000 tweets will get you ranked in the first couple of pages. But spamming tweets with one keyword will get you penalized so you have to tweet with responsibility.

It’s also about talking with your customers and answering their support questions through Twitter. The more helpful you are in a social media channel, the more satisfied your customer base will be. If your customer base is more satisfied than they will spread the word in social media and you will get more exposure across the web. This is quality social media management.

Social Sharing Sites: There is more to the internet than social media sites though. Although sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are helpful to your social media management, there is another avenue that you should investigate as well. Websites like StumbleUpon and Reddit are what is called discover engines. These social sharing sites help people discover content which they then share with their friends and it gets passed on from there. If you can manage to land on the front page of any of these sites then that will be a huge boost in traffic for you.

These are a couple things to explore while working on your SEO campaign that can help boost your rankings. Social Media is a powerful tool that isn’t to be underestimated in today’s market. With this in mind your SEO campaign with proper social media management can be a successful one.