Some video platforms your online marketing needs to be hanging out at

z202The coming dominance of video needs no introduction. If you have not begun to integrate video into your content and social media marketing, you need to and you need to quickly. Over the next couple of years, video will dominate the Web and account for nearly 70% of all traffic. So, where do you really need to be?

  •  As the number two ranked website in all the world, YouTube is the first place your marketing needs to be regarding video. With over 6 billion hours of video and over a billion visitors every month, your business can’t afford to not be out there. Engagement is crucial on social media and even more so with YouTube. Just don’t put up a boring factual commercial. Humor works best as well as continuing stories. Remember, that the purpose of your social media marketing is to drive traffic to your website.
  • Vimeo is a hugely popular video platform that tends to greatly differ from YouTube. Vimeo is known for the quality of its productions and is quickly becoming the go to place for the video audience. This is the platform for extending your reach and truly adding to your credibility. Here you will get an audience for those smartly done tutorials or enriching infomercials.
  • As an extension of Google+, Google Hangouts is quickly catching on as a video platform that stresses interaction. Google+ currently has over a half billion users and the research suggests that it will blow by Facebook in the next two years. It really is the next hot thing. It is very friendly toward B2B and over 70% of all American companies have a presence there. At Hangouts, you can actively chat with customers and potential customers and Google looks to expand it into a video conferencing platform.
  • Photos are king at Instagram and its connectivity to many major social media outlets makes it easier for users to share what you are showing them. Nearly half of all shared video content at the site is from businesses. At Instagram, however, it is more focused on B2C success.

Video must be integrated into your overall social media marketing strategy. Again, you need to know your potential audience and where those potential customers are. It has become so critical to your success that if you cannot produce quality videos by yourself, you need to find those social media marketing experts that can get you up and running.