Taco Bell launches app designed to capture the mobile audience

taco bell appTaco Bell has recently introduced an app that will allow mobile users to place and order directly from their mobile devices. The app is currently under beta test in five restaurants in California and the company plans a nationwide release sometime later in 2014.


Taco Bell has begun to tap in to a new approach in mobile marketing. Mobile devices abound and are playing a vital role in how consumers lead their lives and make buying decisions. Taco Bell’s marketing arm is taking the personal approach with the app. The customer is greeted and welcomed to place an order. The company says that the app has been designed to be as visual as possible in keeping with current marketing trends and visions.


The new experimental app allows customers to view the full menu and also allows them to make additions and deletions according to their meal preferences. In addition, customers can select a location as well as a time to pick up their placed order. Real time pricing is featured because pricing can vary according to which Taco Bell the customer is venturing to.


The mobile marketing app also allows Taco Bell to present complimentary items to the customer in an ongoing effort to upsell their various products. The app will keep track of a particular customer’s ordering habits and Taco Bell marketing executives know that over 70% of orders are, generally, the same items with little substitution.


It took Taco Bell’s research and development team about two years to create and develop the marketing app. More and more companies are moving toward mobile marketing as a way to reach a demographic that tends to be younger and more in tune with life being lived through their electronic media and devises.