Are you telling your story with stories?

z158One of the strongest and most compelling ways you can boost both your SEO as well as your brand is through the telling of stories. Your content marketing and your SEO efforts have been bearing fruit with regard to driving traffic and establishing some name recognition and trust. Now, it’s time to take your brand awareness campaign up a notch or three. It’s time to tell the stories of your company.

  •  Telling the story of your brand with stories has been highly effective for any business or company that continues to infuse it into their marketing and SEO strategies. Through written content, photos, and video, you can bring your potential customers closer to you by informing and entertaining as well as simply allowing them to get to know you.
  • One great way to begin your story telling strategy is through the telling of your successes through the eyes of clients and customers. Every business has at least a few great success stories where everything just seemed to have come together perfectly for a customer or client. Get that customer to give you permission to use their experience in a positive light which will end up being a short commercial campaign. Your company shines and your client’s company shines and your audience sees how you go about your work of solving problems and creating value for your customers.
  • You can, also, go the fictional route in a story telling episode. You know what your products and/or services can do for others. So, show someone, or some fictional company, facing certain challenges whose only answer will be calling upon you, your company, and your expertise.
  • Everyone loves and origin story. Tell how your business was born and introduce all of the leading players in your company. Put a human face on your business. Allow everyone out there to know you and to see the type of people and company you are. There are a plethora of possibilities for telling your stories. Your SEO will show a nice boost and you must, certainly, bring in your social media marketing. Put out smaller “trailers” out on your social media sites or begin to tell the tale with your content. These can act as catalysts that will drive traffic because they will have to click through to your site to get the whole story.