The Benefits of Promoting Others Linking To You

Posted on November 15, 2012 in SEO, Social Media

In this age of link building, it’s important to build links that build links which builds relationships. Sounds complicated?

It’s not.

It’s still a popular notion in SEO to link to sites that link back to you to benefit from those links. With these links comes relationships with the sites that are hosting your links. Equate it to making ice cream and then selling it at the local grocery store. You wouldn’t just talk about your ice cream, you would talk about the grocery store as well.

As the goal behind a link is that it brings people to you, the methods to accomplish that goal become just as important as the link behind it.

Following are 5 easy methods to accomplish this simple goal:

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  • Know where your links come from: There are many tools to show who is linking to you, Google Analytics, WordPress dashboards, Webmaster Tools, link analysis tools; there are many of them. See who is linking to you, if it’s coming from a reputable site, leave a comment there, thank whoever linked you, and share the   article that linked you on social media like Twitter and Facebook. By generating traffic to sites linking you, that will generate traffic to your own site.
  • Who’s mentioning you on Social Media? There are many, many tools for this or you can look for them yourself. If you’re mentioned in an article, status update or tweet, it’s a good idea to thank the poster.It’s a great idea to return the favor as well. If you develop followers who socialize your content, make sure to socialize their content as well, this way, everyone involved feels appreciated and a social community is formed.Word of mouth is a fantastic way that has always worked for businesses, and it holds true on social media as well.



  • Promote, Promote, Promote: This goes hand-in-hand with #2, but it’s just as important. Promote what other like minded individuals in your industry are writing, their websites and businesses and the benefits can be huge.


  •  Gain attention from the businesses you want: What this means is that you want certain businesses on social media platforms to notice you so you can connect with them on the level you want. There’s a chance they will see your content, but feel free to tag them anyways to get their attention.
  • The Little Businesses count too: Not everyone has 100k followers on Twitter, and those that don’t shouldn’t be ignored as they can be the ones to help you out the most. The “little guys” are the ones who will connect with you on a personal level quicker and this can only benefit you. Maybe they’ll ask to interview you, have you write a guest post for their website or mention you in a post thereby generating traffic for you. Multiple connections like these will help create a community where all involved will benefit from the social connections.



The lesson to be taken away from this is that networking is just as important part to your link building as the links themselves. With improved relationships comes more traffic to your site and more exposure on search engines which will increase your rankings. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.