The Don’ts for your Internet Marketing Blog

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We discussed yesterday the Do’s for a successful internet marketing blog, but what about the other side of the coin? There are many things that you shouldn’t do when writing and creating blogs. These “unwritten rules” of the blogosphere are adhered to by your fellow bloggers and your audience will expect you to follow them too. Here are some of the things not to do when writing an internet marketing blog.

The Don’ts

Avoid Exaggeration: It’s simple to say but hard to avoid, don’t exaggerate or claim things that aren’t true. Your audience doesn’t want to read about you over-hyping companies, events, or people. A blog full of empty praise will drive potential readers away. There’s already enough exaggeration and false claims that comes from major media. Keep your internet marketing blog down to earth and steeped in the truth.

Don’t Attempt to Fool Readers: You are writing and running an internet marketing blog, but at the same time, your blog cannot just be a piece of marketing copy. If you attempt to oversell a product, your company, or yourself too much, then your readers will lose interest. They’ll see that your internet marketing blog is nothing but a long winded advertisement and move on to more interesting pastures.

Veer from your Focus: When writing your internet marketing blog for your company your goal is to write mainly about everything related to your industry, what’s going on, the latest product updates, etc. You can cover a wide array of topics within your general niche, but once you start straying, your readership will lose interest due to the fact that they go to your blog to read about that specific topic. Do not write about the latest celebrity gossip if you primarily write about the toy industry.

Don’t Write Poorly: This one is the easiest and often the most overlooked. If your blog is full of grammatical errors, missed punctuation, and spelling mistakes, it will get noticed. Readers notice the simple mistakes and pick up on them quickly. You will lose any credibility if your internet marketing blog is full of writing errors. Save yourself the trouble and read through your blogs before posting them or have someone edit them for you to avoid simple mistakes. This can help save your internet marketing blog from an otherwise easy to avoid problem.