The entrepreneurial mindset: not everyone has it…

entrepreneurs-01   Everyone thinks that they are, deep down, and entrepreneur. Many live under the clouded delusion that they could chuck their 9-5 cubicle life and strike out on their own. How wrong they are. Many have stepped away after ten, fifteen, even twenty years in a cubicle because they were convinced that they were ready and that entrepreneurial life was easy.

 What happens most of the time? They rapidly discover that they have no people skills and know next to nothing about business. In addition, entrepreneurs rarely work eight hours a day. This was putting a serious crimp in their leisure time.

 How can you really know if you are cut out for the life of an entrepreneur? It tends to be a mindset rather than a pursuit. You must have a great passion for something and you cannot lack in self confident or the ability to initiate action. Entrepreneurs have great people skills and tend to be proficient in the art and science of sales and negotiation. Telling an entrepreneur “no” or “it can’t be done” is, likely, useless. For the self employed, every “no”, they believe, just gets them that much closer to a “yes”.

 Forget leisure time. There isn’t any. You, also, tend not to be all that impressed with authority and you likely never made it through all four years of college. You tend to look at security a bit differently from the cubicle world guy. The entrepreneur knows that there is more security when he or she is in charge of their own destiny as opposed to letting some faceless bean counter dictate the terms of a person’s fate.

 An entrepreneur sees opportunity everywhere, works around 70 hours a week, and tends to be a tad opinionated with charisma and an innate sense of leadership. Eight hours of sleep a night is, to the entrepreneur, a fantasy. In addition, you realize that time is money and that you have better bring in people who are smarter than you and/or are extremely strong in those areas where you are weakest. These people are not competing with you like in the normal 9-5 cubicle world. They are complimenting you and making your business stronger.

 So, next time you think you might have what it takes to be a real entrepreneur, think again.

And then again.