The Extra VSEO Functions Important to YouTube

Posted on September 23, 2013 in Video Search Engine Optimization, Video SEO, VSEO, YouTube

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There are the very specific video search engine optimization (VSEO) functions that we include with every video posted on YouTube, the title, the description, and the tags. These obvious spots are a great place to put keywords and to help you increase your VSEO. There are other methods when adding a video to YouTube that will allow you to increase your VSEO. Often overlooked, but very useful, there are three more ways to get your video ranked higher on search engine results.

Creating Transcripts and Captions for VSEO

By adding transcripts and captions to YouTube videos, you allow your videos to be more accessible to viewers who are either hearing impaired or to those who speak a different language. Transcripts and captions also allow your video to get found by search engine results. Since the actual video itself cannot be indexed, the transcript can though. This provides search engines with the content that is in your video that can be found by the search engine crawlers. Having these transcripts is a great boost to your VSEO.

Adding Annotations for VSEO

Annotations are little pieces of content that show up on your actual video and can be a great addition to any YouTube video. The point behind annotations is to help drive engagement on your video. You can do this by encouraging viewers to thumbs up your video, share your video, make comments, or subscribe to your channel. This will help boost your VSEO as the amount of viewer participation you have on your video can greatly influence its search engine ranking. YouTube also gives you the ability to create and update multiple annotations at once across many videos. This can help you out by keeping your annotations the same for ever video so your viewers don’t get put off by seeing different messages for the same purpose.

Videos are an incredible way to increase your online presence and to help out with your internet marketing. They allow you to reach out to a greater audience and get your message out there. When creating these videos, you also need to make sure you optimize them correctly so that they will be seen. By following these VSEO tips, you’ll be able to do just that.