The Myths Behind Online Video Marketing

Posted on January 17, 2013 in Marketing, Video Marketing

Are you a company looking for Video Production NH? SearchPro Systems is the marketing answer for you!Online video has become a great asset to online marketing the past few years, yet some companies are still reluctant to embrace it. Some businesses believe that online videos are a gimmick or aren’t successful enough to be an effective marketing tool. Following are three misconceptions that business owners have that keep them from believing in video production for online marketing.

If it’s not Viral, It’s not Effective

Many, many videos will not be as popular as Gangnam Style or Justin Bieber, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t effective marketing devices. A video doesn’t necessarily need one million views to garner the appropriate attention that you want. What you want instead is quality views from your targeted audience that might not reach over a couple of hundred views. A viewer that watches your video is interested in the subject matter and could become a client because of it.

The Cost

The common myth is that video production will cost your company thousands of dollars per video. This is not true. Video production technology has come to a point where making a video isn’t very expensive at all. A full HD cinematic camera will cost upwards of five thousand dollars, but you don’t have to buy that. There are great DSLR HD cameras that cost under a thousand dollars, packaged with easy to get, affordable video editing software, this can supply your company with the equipment it needs to create good, smart, marketing videos. You’ll also have to hire a video producer who can help you get your company’s message across online.

Has to be High Production Value

Your videos don’t have to be of Hollywood quality, or even that of TV commercials. The point of your videos is to get your company’s message across and promote your products. This can be done without fancy special effects. Remember to keep it simple and you will give the viewer what it is they want to see.