These habits will make you successful if…

Posted on April 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

z138 Success doesn’t just happen. There are certain habits, a certain way of life you need to adopt to insure success. Don’t be lulled into believing that the success you find is only to be measured by material or financial gains. Successful people measure themselves differently from the average. They develop certain mindsets and habits early on to ensure that they actually get to where they want to be.

  •  Highly successful people tend to be highly focused and organized. They have a vision, a plan, for getting where they want to be. They are good listeners and can extrapolate hidden meaning in even the simplest of conversations. In addition, they know that details mean everything. Each small step gets them to where they want to be. Nothing is insignificant. They make lists and they do the lists.
  • They love doing what they are doing and could not see themselves living any other way. For them, there is no such thing as “safe” so they decide to do what fulfills them. They know that their road will not be easy and have mentally prepared themselves for the arduous journey. They realize that other things must be sacrificed to their vision.
  • Successful people stay positive and self encouraging. They know that negativity and negative thinking and talking is like a virus. It spreads like the proverbial wildfire if allowed to. They don’t engage the negative and refuse to allow anyone around them to do so either. They are pragmatic. They find solutions rather than offering excuses for why something didn’t get done.
  • They take care of their health both physical and emotional. They have their relaxations and get plenty of fresh air and exercise. The exercise and movement allows them a deeper clarity of thought and they come back to their work with fresh vigor and renewed energy. Finally, those that are truly considered to be successful help where they can and know that giving back is extremely important. This allows them to see what is truly important. It isn’t just all about the money. If you simply focus on money alone, you may end up wealthy with plenty of stuff but there will be nothing on the inside of any value. Your perceived fullness will actually be emptiness. Find that cause. Find where you can be of real help to people. Do this and your success and happiness will be assured. They know that they will get what they want by helping others get what they want.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer