Time to re-brand? Here’s how to tell…

There may come a time when your small business may need to consider a re-branding marketing strategy and deployment. Perhaps there is some sort of major upheaval going on? Also, there may come a time when your brand has become a bit stale, a bit too predictable? In the mean time, here are just a few signs that it may, indeed, be time to get a re-branding effort going.

  • Perhaps the most obvious sign that a re-branding is in order is when you have decided to merge your business with another or your business itself has actually made an acquisition. In these two instances, your company is no longer the same and it has to reflect that story out to the world. Such situations can be a powerful lift for your branding and marketing efforts, as well as your conversion rates, if done right.
  • If your business has been around for a along time, your logo and your message may have grown stale to the point of being invisible. Perhaps your logo and your messaging has not been attracting the type of customer you may now be looking for. Perhaps you are only drawing one type of demographic and you are looking to expand out a bit. Either way, a new coat of paint may be just the boost you need to drive traffic and establish a whole new customer base.
  • If you have had some damaging and negative publicity of late, it is definitely time to consider a re-branding marketing campaign. This is the time to start fresh with new stories to tell and with some new and exciting looking video, content and special offers. Also, maybe your company has developed some new products or opened a new location? Perhaps you are no longer confined to your original business model or mission statement? If your vision has grown along with the size and scope of your company it could very well be time to get some re-branding going.
  • There will be times during the life of your business when a fresh and exciting new look and message just may be the proverbial shot in the arm that you need to take your business to the next level.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer