Tips to Help You Generate Leads on Facebook

SearchPro Systems can provide your business with the social media management it needs.

SEO or search engine optimization is the match of good content on your site with optimizing with search engines and most importantly, proper social media management. One of the most important social networks to focus on for any SEO campaign is Facebook. This is because Facebook has over 750 million active users online and that number grows daily. One of best things your business can do is be on Facebook and begin to create a community there with your customer base.

So how does Facebook work for SEO? When a Facebook page has more likes on it the page is more popular. An active, popular page will rank higher on search engines than non-active pages. By generating these likes or leads, you’ll attract more customers to your business page. Here are some tips to help you with your social media management for Facebook:

Create a Business Page

The first step of course is to create your own Facebook page. This page is a must have in order to build up leads to build up your online presence. From here, you’ll create a community with your customers that will keep your page active and popular to search engines.

Make an Industry Group

Making a group is a very easy way to get leads. When a customer joins your group, they can invite anyone in their friend’s list to join your group as well. This can be a successful way to generate leads.

Use Plugins

When creating new content for your site, be it a new blog post, press release, product announcement, or posting pictures from an event you want to make sure it’s easy for your audience to share that with their friends. By adding the Facebook Like plugin, your content can be easily shared and viewed on Facebook.

Invite your Friends

Before we create a business page, most of us have our own personal Facebook page already. By inviting your friends to your new business page, you have a quick, simple way to build likes up on your page and get the local support of your community.

Use Business Page to Comment

If you’ve liked a post on any page that’s not your own, switch to your business page and use that to comment. You will give your page greater exposure on Facebook and people will click through to your page more.


As a business page owner, it’s imperative that you interact with your customers on your page. In the comments section is the best place to do this. Answer customers’ questions, and ask some yourself to generate a conversation. Create polls as well to gauge customers’ reactions to future plans.

Share, Share, Share

When you create new content for your website or blog, share it on your Facebook page. This will give that content greater exposure and give it a better chance to be shared by your customers to their Facebook communities. Make sure to share meaningful, relevant content that is important to your audience.