Tips to Help your VSEO on YouTube

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Video is an important part to any internet marketing company. With that comes knowing how to effectively use the largest video site online, YouTube. Not only is it the largest video site, but it’s also the second largest search engine behind only Google. With that, it’s important to optimize your videos with VSEO (video search engine optimization) in mind. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips to help you with your VSEO.

Preparing your video for VSEO

  • What are you ranking for? Every video needs to have an aim of what it’s ranking for. You have to know what your target keywords are and aim for those. There are multiple tools online that can help you with this, but YouTube has their own keyword tool that can improve your VSEO. This is incredibly helpful because what people search for on YouTube is different then what they search for on Google.
  • The Title: Titles need to be creative and unique but also optimized with your target keywords. Only use one or two at most, a title that’s just a string of keywords will be ignored by most users. Make sure your keywords are within the first five words of the video so they can get ranked higher.
  • The Description: An often overlooked part of videos by uploaders is their description. This is an important part to VSEO and shouldn’t be ignored. You can load in keywords in the description but don’t overload it. You should describe what the actions are in the video or even place the video transcript into the description. Make sure to add a URL to one of your own videos at the beginning of the description. This can lead to more clicks to more of your videos and creates an inbound link for your video which is helpful for VSEO purposes.
  • Tags: Another place where keywords live. Very straightforward here, use the keywords that you’re trying to rank for and that you feel belong to the video (any keywords used in the title and the description should be placed here)
  • Thumbnails: Every video needs to have a video that’s going to catch a user’s eye and make them want to click on your video. This is incredibly important to VSEO. Your video should have a title card type intro that will give you a good option for a thumbnail. If that isn’t the case try to find an image in your video that’s interesting or humorous that will get people’s attention. The better the thumbnail, the better your click-through-rate will be on your video.
  • Interact with your Audience: Encourage your viewers to like, share, and comment on your video. Make sure to enable embedding for your video so your viewers can embed it on their own sites and blogs, this can greatly increase traffic for you. Also encourage playlist additions, video responses and getting your video favorited. A video with more activity is a video that will get a big boost in VSEO.

Remember though, all of these are important for VSEO, but the greatest thing that will help your VSEO? Having great content that people want to watch and make them want to share with their friends, family and co-workers.