Top 3 Reasons Social Media is Key to Video SEO

Posted on September 2, 2010 in Video Marketing, Video SEO

Liz Pratt is the Marketing Communications Manager for SearchPro Systems.

We’re relieved to see that marketing firms are taking social media more seriously than they did even a few months ago, as businesses demand a strong online presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, some clients still ask us why they should bother. If you’re not part of the online world (and yes, those few people exist) it might be hard to understand that social media is very important for your VSEO strategy and placement on the universal search page. I’ve put together the top three reasons that you should never overlook social media.

1. Link sharing. Links and clicks are some of the most important metrics used to evaluate the success of your VSEO strategy. Even if you had no “likes” and no followers, every time you use social media to post a link to your YouTube channel, your blog, or your website, you’re creating another link and strengthening your VSEO plan. When you do build a following, and you’ve worked hard to create compelling VSEO content, your fans will click those links and share them with their friends. Social media allows you to share links directly with people who already like you and can spread the word for you.

2. Google sees it. It may be surprising to some people that Google Caffeine takes social media sites into account when determining authority and universal search ranking, but it’s true. Caffeine was designed to take video, image, and text into account, and social media sites are involved in that too. They’re too big a part of our current online world for Google, or your business, to ignore.

3. My friend’s dead cat is on Facebook. I’m not joking. Her name is Marie, and there’s a page for her. She was a awesome cat. And chances are, you know someone whose 13 year old sister has 300 Twitter followers, or someone’s grandfather who posts photos on Flickr every weekend. If I look up your business on Facebook, and I see that you don’t know how to use social media, what does that say about your business? What else doesn’t your company know how to do? What other important things are you unfamiliar with? Not having a presence is, to put it frankly, suspicious. Even a post a week shows that your company is involved, up-to-date, and with the times.

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