Are you tracking your social media ROI?

Businessman drawing a CloudOne of the key aspects to your overall social media marketing strategy is being able to determine some manner of measurable results. Is your social media marketing working toward the ends you are looking to accomplish? Are you driving traffic? Are visitors engaging with your site and your content? How do you get an actual handle on your social media ROI?

  •  Your first ROI measurement needs to be the actual engagement numbers on each of your social media platforms. With Twitter it is all about gathering in new followers and working a strategy that will make them want to re-tweet your content. With Facebook, it’s all about Likes and comments. Positive reviews will provide the ammunition you need to get a healthy word of mouth campaign going. That will add up to bigger traffic numbers for your site.
  • The other important measurement with regard to social media marketing ROI is how actively engaged users and visitors are with your brand and your various platforms and websites. One metric you need to look at is how your tweets and actual content is doing. Are your tweets being re-tweeted? Has your content and video been making the rounds and being shared? Generating comments and getting your content shared are two of the most efficient ways of boosting your social media ROI and, thus, driving traffic.
  • One final thing you should be concentrating on is the influencers that are out there. You need to do your due diligence and find out who they are with regard to your specific business and brand. Getting the influencers liking you and on board with you will begin to spread the word of mouth effort to the size of the proverbial wildfire.

Your social media marketing strategy needs to be measurable and it needs to have a specific direction. In the end, however, it’s all about the traffic. If your social media marketing efforts are not driving traffic, you need to re-assess and re-launch because driving traffic is the only reason for your social media marketing to exist.