Traffic or conversions: that is the question…

The question regarding the importance of traffic versus conversions will  continue to be hotly debated well into the foreseeable future. Many small businesses concern themselves more with traffic than conversions. They adopt the strategy that believes if you get enough visitors you will, eventually, start turning conversions. How effective are your marketing efforts if you leave conversions, actual sales, to chance? If your traffic is there but your sales are tanking, it may be time to consider a strategy focused on conversion rate. Some recent research published by Seedprod indicates that you may just need to focus on your conversion rate. The following is taken directly from that gathered research:

  • Over the years we have realized that for an average marketer, getting traffic is not really the problem. But conversion is.In an attempt to improve their conversion rates, companies are spending as much as $2000 a month on conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools.
  • It’s noteworthy that your conversion rates can increase manifold if your landing pages are well optimized. Some marketers, confuse landing pages with the homepage of their website. Probably that’s the reason why 42% of the clicks generated by B2B marketers are directed towards homepages (according to iFactory Digital). Studies also show that 48% of marketers create new landing pages for each marketing campaign.

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  • If you’re not sure whether your landing page is going to work or not, don’t hesitate to split test them. A/B testing is the most popular form of CRO with 58% of marketers practicing it already. Here’s a quick tip to help you come up with better landing pages. Landing pages that don’t ask age and telephone number convert better.
  • By using the correct testing and targeting methods, you can boost your conversion rates by up to 300%. Navigation links can affect your conversion rates too. By removing them from your landing pages, you can increase your conversion by 100%. 16% of marketers have already put this point into practice.
  • Hubspot conducted a test to see which version of their landing page works better. On one they put the navigation links in the header and footer. On the second one, they removed all exit links. The results found the second version with better conversion rates.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer