Turn your Facebook page into a lead driving machine

According to the latest marketing research at BuzzSumo, customer engagement at Facebook has taken a serious dive this year. After analyzing nearly 880 million Facebook pages and accounts, BuzzSumo found that total engagement has dropped 20% over the past year. Simply having a page and posting once in a while isn’t going to cut it for your business. If you are not actively attacking Facebook as a prime place to drive traffic and secure leads then you may as well not bother having a page at all. Here are a few hacks you may want to try in an effort to boost your engagement and your traffic.

  • Much recent research from around the web is pointing to the social media marketing strategy of making fewer posts and using your data to post when people you want are actually on Facebook. Too many small companies are just throwing posts up once, or even several, times a day and are expecting the traffic to flock to their site. Posting less means that you can actually take the time to put together quality posts that will engage people enough to make them want to check you out. Posting at the right time means you know who your potential customers are and when they are around because you have been using your data and analytics to keep track of such things.

  • Your social media marketing strategy knows that there are different audiences at different platforms. What may work great for you at Instagram may flop at Facebook. Tailor your content to the platform and the audience. Videos and live podcasts will boost your engagement and your traffic significantly. Don’t forget to caption because most people are actually watching videos without the sound turned on especially on their phones. Also, other Facebook stats suggest that live video and podcasts are engaged with at a rate of three times more than videos that are not live.
  • Engagement starts with you. Run contests, take polls and ask for opinions and immediately engage with any comments that are generated especially if they are negative ones. Highlight your best posts and continue to recycle those that have been getting the most buzz and engagement. Finally, look around. See what other companies are doing with their Facebook pages especially your rivals. Emulate their successes and learn from their disasters.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer