Twitter and Your Social Media Management

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Twitter is continuously growing in the arena of social media. It’s becoming more important for you and your comp

any to create a strong and visible presence on Twitter if you want to increase your online business.

Here are some of the best social media management marketing tools for you that will help you to create a better visible presence on Twitter.

Buffer App: Social Media Management for Twitter

One of best way to create a strong presence on Twitter is by tweeting some great and informative content
on a regular basis, even if you don’t have time for tweeting. This is where Bufferapp comes in to help you maintain your tweet consistency.

Bufferapp allows you to schedule your tweets at Twitter and saves you time that you can invest in some other important area. Also, buffer app gives you detailed insights on each tweet that get published.

Hashtracking :

Hash tracking is a very good tool for getting full stats on any hashtag. All you have to do is just enter the hash tag and leave the rest to the hash tracking tool. It will generate a very good graphical report for your entered hashtag.

Tweepi :

Tweepi helps you to manage your Twitter account with a social graph that shows you stats.

TweetCloud :

The easiest way to follow genuine people is by seeing what they are tweeting. If someone tweets topics related to your niche then those are the people that you should follow and re-tweet from. TweetCloud helps you to make it easier to find people who are tweeting in and about your industry.

Who Tweeted Me :

Another best way to be effective at Twitter is by connecting influential people that are interested in the same topic in which you are  also interested. So here’s where ‘Who Tweeted Me’ comes in handy.  All you have to do is insert a URL and the app will give you all the  stats on appearance of that url on twitter.

These are just some of the ways that you can increase your influence and appearance on Twitter. With these tips, you can tweet more consistently, get better connected with your peers in your industry, and find out helpful stats for your profile and target hashtags. These social media management tools are designed to help you out.