Twitter Launches New Feature to Improve Social Media Marketing Services

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Twitter is finally embracing the demands of the social media marketers and improving their lives without the use of a plugin. Twitter announced this week that it will be now offering tweet scheduling to advertisers. This will improve your social media marketing services by allowing your social media specialist to schedule tweets that can be organic or promoted for specific dates and times up to a year in advance. This can only be done though through the use of Twitter’s ads products.

Now you can coordinate your tweets to go along with a new or existing Promoted Tweet campaign. This can help you plan out other aspects of your real-time campaigns as you go. Scheduled tweets allow you to publish content at any time without the need to have staff be on-call during those inconvenient times like evenings, weekends, and holidays. This allows your social media marketing services to plan content ahead of time for product releases, previews, or premiering sneak peeks.

To schedule tweets you have to click the blue Tweet button in the corner of your page. You can then create and schedule a tweet for any day and time up to a year in advance. There’s also a new Creatives tab that sits snugly between the Campaigns and Analytics tabs. In the Creatives tab you can create and manage your scheduled tweets and Twitter cards. There’s also a new tweet box that will let you compose a tweet, add media, add your location or add a Twitter card to the tweet.

Your tweets can be delivered organically to your Twitter followers or you can select the specific targeting criteria that will make sure your target audience sees your message as part of a Promoted Tweet campaign.

Why do you have to add your location in the Creatives tab? It’s simple really, by telling Twitter your location, Twitter will know what timezone you’re in so that your tweets will be scheduled at the right time for when you want them to be published.

As you can see, with Twitter implementing scheduled tweets, your social media marketing services will improve greatly (and your social media marketing interns will be appreciative not being called on after hours)