Twitter Launches New Social Media Management Feature for Marketers

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Twitter announced this month the launch of their Lead Generation Card, a new feature for marketers on Twitter. What Twitter cards allow you to do is to attach media content to tweets that links back to your content. It’s possible to add HTML coding to your pages and anyone who tweets your content will have a “card” added to their tweet. So instead of just having the usual 160 characters in a tweet, a piece of media will also be shown that looks close to Facebook’s cover photos.

Some features of the Lead Generation Card:

  • Easy for users to express interest in your brand
  • Users can share their email address right on Twitter without having to fill out a form in an easy and secure process
  • An expanded Tweet will show a description of your offer and a call to action
  • The username and email address are pre-filled within the card
  • Users only have to click one button to send the information directly to the company

Twitter has been testing this new social media management feature with brands such as New Relic, Full Sail and Priceline. This process is only in the beta stage right now and is only available for Twitter’s managed clients but is a feature that will be launched for small to medium sized businesses by the end of the year.

The most important part about the Lead Generation Card is that there has been very positive feedback about it and that the cards provide the lowest cost-per-lead compared to other online lead services.

So what does this mean for your company? With this new social media management feature, you can promote deals, new products, or upcoming discount weekends with the simple display of a graphic on Twitter. The “card” can be easily shared by your followers and customers and with a strong enough call to action, you can generate more traffic for your site. By allowing customers to fill out a form right in Twitter instead of having to go to a separate website, you streamline their normal browsing activities, making it less likely that they’ll skip that step to have to leave the site.