Twitter Sees Major Increase in Use from 2010

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media channels and internet marketing tools online and it has expanded exponentially in the past three years. What’s the increase of use among American adults since 2010?

A whopping 125%.

This is the latest finding from Pew’s Internet & American Life project which measured the use of Twitter among those 18 and older in their new social media study. According to the study, 8% of American adults were using Twitter in the fall of 2010. That number is now up to 18% of American adults who get their information in 160 characters or less.

The majority of this gain, unsurprisingly, comes from the younger demographic of adults aged 18-29. A staggering 30% of that age group report using Twitter compared to just 14% in 2010.

This explosion of Twitter over the past three years is closely tied to the overall expansion of social media over that timeframe. There is now a 72% adoption rate of social media among American adults.

It isn’t just the younger generation increasing their presence on social media, the baby boomer generation, those aged 65 and older, have almost tripled on social networking sites since 2009, from 13% then to 43% now. The odd part about this demographic though is that they have not embraced Twitter as much as they have embraced the other social networking sites. Twitter use among those aged 65 and older has only increased 1% from 2010 from 4% to 5% in the past three years.

A couple more stats:

  • Twitter use among those aged 30-49 has increased from 7% to 17% in the past three years
  • For those aged 50-64, Twitter use has increased from 6% to 13% since 2010

When it comes to your internet marketing, the stats are there to show how much social media is becoming a prevalent part of today’s society. Reports like the one that come from the Pew Research Center are invaluable for seeing where your target demographic is “hanging out” online and where they are spending most of their time. This gives you the opportunity to tailor your internet marketing campaign to your target demographic and generate more leads for your website.

If your company has not jumped on social media or understood the importance of social media yet for your internet marketing, then this report easily shows that it’s time to embrace social media and fully integrate it with your internet marketing.