Understanding your male audience is vital to your success

z203Most companies pay a heavy price when they give their potential male audience little or no consideration. The young male audience, those in the 25-45 year old range, are extremely active online especially out at the search engines and the social media sites. You will ignore this segment at great peril to your bottom line.

 Recent research has unveiled many of the online behavior exhibited by this younger mainstream male demographic. Recent research also suggests that men are having a greater impact on the marketplace, and on buying decisions, than previously realized.

  •  Men actually look for specials and deals. They just approach them differently from women. This demographic heavily researches and gathers information from a number of sources especially search engines.
  • In recent studies by both Performics and Microsoft, men in this age group relied heavily on search engines and social media for gathering in their information. Research has shown that nearly 60% of these men consult at least four sources before pulling the trigger on a sale.
  • Nearly half of the men surveyed recently rely on search engines and another 60% or so are heavily influenced by social media. In addition, over half of the men surveyed were strongly influenced by mobile advertising, especially banner ads. Nearly half of them will spread the word among their male social group with regard to a brand or an offer.
  • While it has been generally shown that women tend to make the major purchases, recent studies have shown that well over 90% of women will consult their male significant other before making a purchase.
  • In a surprising result, nearly 70% of these men will buy using their mobile device compared with just 58% of women.

 So if your online marketing strategy isn’t targeting men, especially through search engines and social media, you are missing out on some serious sales. Having a strong search engine presence, as well as an active social media strategy, is the vital key to reaching a demographic that just could put your bottom line over the top.