Use Facebook Contests and Giveaways to Increase Fans

Posted on April 8, 2011 in Facebook, Marketing, Social Media

Facebook provides you with an incredible platform for reaching out to your customers and potential customers on a personal level. You can post anything you want, and the more often you post, and the more you post helpful, interesting items, rather than constantly trying to sell your business, the better people will respond, and the better your social media SEO results! Unfortunately, while providing top quality content for posts may help increase your Facebook fans, it won’t create dramatic influxes like every fan page administrator likes to see. However, there are tried and proven methods of increasing fans that every business should try.

Try Giveaways. People love free stuff on the internet, just as much as they do at trade shows and open house events. Create a landing tab on your fan page that tells newcomers that they’ll receive a free giveaway item if they become a fan. For example, if you own a fashion jewelry store, offer a simple, cute and inexpensive bracelet to all new fans. If your giveaway item is desirable enough, you’ll likely see a steady increase in fans. If you choose this method, just make sure you don’t forget about your current fans. From time to time, offer them coupons or small gifts for completing a survey for you, to hold their interest.

Contests are also an excellent way to rapidly increase your fan base. Contests can consist of anything you can dream up, and the more unique and interesting, the better. You could offer a prize to the fan who gets the largest number of their friends to become fans. You could offer a prize to the fan who scores highest on a quiz relating to your field. Make sure that the prize you offer is intriguing and is also related to your industry. It could be an item you carry or a service you provide, or something you acquired from a partner company.

There are even sites that help you set up contests, quizzes and more on your Facebook pages, so you can start right away! Involver is a great one with a handful of free apps, and Wildfire creates and monitors the results of your contests for you! However you choose to optimize your fan page, just remember that SEO doesn’t stop at creating the fan page.

Sara Beaudoin is the Marketing Communications Manager for SearchPro Systems