Using VSEO to Increase Internet Marketing

Posted on November 20, 2013 in Video Search Engine Optimization, Video SEO, VSEO, YouTube

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Consumers in America are watching over 46 billion videos a month alone in the past year. That means that the average American consumer is watching close to 20 hours of video online a month. Videos are an important part of how internet consumers now get their information on a daily basis. If you aren’t using videos as part of your internet marketing, then you’re missing an integral market segment. The best way to market those videos is with Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO). Here are some tips for successful VSEO.

1. Tell a Story: When it comes to videos, a dry informational type video isn’t going to hold most consumers attention. You have to build a narrative that shows the whole story, the side story, and even some of the behind the scenes details that most consumers don’t normally get to see. This will grab them and keep them watching the video longer. Don’t repeat points when trying to get your overall message across.

2. Push the Story: The story is the important part of showcasing a service or product, but the video is still only a method of conveying information. You still need to pitch your brand to the consumers in a way that convinces them to share the video. Sharing is an important part of VSEO, so this shouldn’t be overlooked.

3. Social Media: Ah social media, the quickest way for information to be shared in today’s internet age. If your video goes viral, it can cross many social media streams in a very short amount of time. Encourage your viewers to share your video; you can do this in your video using annotations, in your description, or just by asking. The more your video is shared the higher your VSEO will be.

4. Keep Track: Use metric tools to measure the success of your videos. This can get you valuable information about who your audience is, what they like in their videos and what and where your video gets shared. You can use these measurements to adjust your videos to be more impactful for your target audience. The best tool you can use would be YouTube Analytics.

With these few VSEO tips, you can get started on the right track to showcasing your internet marketing videos to the masses.