Why your video marketing will make you or break you

The latest research performed by Cisco is out and it declares that, by 2019, nearly 80% of all world wide web traffic will be video. Other research points out that American businesses, of all sizes, will spend a combined $10 billion over the next year on video marketing. If you have yet to venture out into video marketing, now is the time. In the next year or two, your video productions just may make or break your company.

  • Your video marketing must be professionally done. There is no longer any choice in this matter. The quality of your production is a direct reflection on your company and your brand. It is a commercial that will directly address potential clients and customers and will demonstrate why they must choose your company.
  • Your video marketing would do well to highlight the very best of your company and invite your audience in for a closer look. Not only producing commercials that introduce your products and services, but there must be direct calls to action with regard to your company being able to solve a problem or bring added value to the viewer’s life. Introduce your viewers to those that work for the company because familiarity means a building of trust and trust means satisfied customers over the long run.
  • After you have struck the proper tone and had your video professionally produced, then there is the distribution. Like any major television commercial, you must get your video out to those social media platforms, and elsewhere, that will gain you the most traction and exposure. Video marketing is the present and the future of your company. It will make you or break you as you move forward. Making quality video productions one of the mainstays of your SEO and marketing efforts will ensure that you will be driving traffic for may years to come.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer