Videos not getting enough views? Try this…

With video and audio making huge strides in web design and planning, as well as marketing, it can be critical to your SEO and social media marketing success to be incorporating these tools into your site. Using video for promotion and marketing can have a critical affect on both your traffic and conversions. The challenge remains, however, that most small business owners are not using these weapons like they should and, because of that, their videos are being overlooked and proving of little use. So, how to fix that?

  • Your landing pages are the most important part of your overall marketing plan as it is there that you will make or break your conversions. Your videos need to be on your landing pages and they need to be at the top where they can be seen immediately. Too may web designers and small business owners are placing their videos further on down their landing pages. If your landing pages are overwhelmed with text, then your chances of a visitor scrolling down to reach the videos are almost zero. Recent marketing research declares that videos on landing pages can increase your conversions by around 86%. They are your commercials and your calls to action. They must be at your landing pages to have the full effect on your visitors.
  • Next, of course, are your thumbnails. You must customize them and they must leap off the landing page at your viewer. They must be engaging, stunning and original. It must draw the viewer into the video. Designing your own thumbnails, rather than settling for a boring default, allows you to do more with it. You can add text as well as color to affect the viewer. You can make it a stronger call to action than a boring default. It is an opportunity to brand yourself even further. Color has a huge psychological affect with regard to inducing the type of action you want an audience to take. You must also choose high rez/high def photos for your thumbnails. The most effective caption to include along with the thumbnail is a question. Ask a question that you believe your audience wants answered. How are you and your business the answer to their particular problem? Why do they need you?

-Written by Kevin Sawyer