Are your videos striking the right emotional chord?

z173 The importance of video to your social media marketing strategies can’t be underestimated. Video as a marketing tool is on the move and will soon gain nearly as much importance as content creation. But, what makes a great video? How can you get them fired up about you and your company?

  • You must draw your audience in and strike the emotional chord that will get them to act. Your social media marketing is designed to drive traffic to your site so you want your video production to create that emotional appeal to inspire viewers to check out your site, products, and services.
  • Videos that tend to be most shared, or even go viral, out on social media platforms are those that generate some intense feeling and emotion in the viewer. Your video must be a reflection of your company and your brand. Humor plays a huge role in the success of social media marketing videos as does a video that plays to the human interest side of people. You need to inform and entertain. You need them to remember you. You need them clicking through to your site.
  • You want your social media viewers to become emotionally involved in the video. You want them to make that emotional investment. Using humor and human interest angles will immediately draw people in. After they are drawn in, the challenge is to get them to click through to your site. Even if the video is at the site itself, it must provide enough emotional punch to get the viewer to stop watching and hit that “buy now” button.
  • The most successful social media marketing videos show potential customers how products work, run contests and offering prizes, and those that run a continuing story line for viewers to follow. All of these strategies are designed to pull the audience in the direction of your site and turn them into conversions.
  • One final, and truly effective, way to produce an emotionally successful video is to film recommendations and referrals from satisfied customers. This will demonstrate that real people have used your products and services and are more than happy with you. These types social media marketing videos are taken seriously as more and more of the younger viewers are placing great weight on recommendations and peer reviews.

Constructing a video strategy takes time, effort, and creativity. Taking the time to invest in the efforts of an experienced SEO and social media marketing firm just may be the advantage you have been looking for.