Voice search is already here. Are you ready?

Voice search is here but how many small businesses are prepared for that? Not as many as one might think. In fact, there has been some recent marketing research that has found that many professional marketers believe it is over rated and far too hyped. Unfortunately for them, search god Google doesn’t think so. As more and more searches are being done with mobile devices, especially phones, the incident of voice search is growing at a tremendous pace. How can your SEO efforts prepare for this?

  • As public embarrassment regarding doing a voice search in front of others decreases over the next few years, technological advances will combine with this to make voice search likely the dominant search technology. Many SEO experts as well as small businesses seem unsure with regard to how the future will play out. Will ranking second on a SERP matter anymore? Will organic space be too cluttered with advertising? Current research reveals that, according to Google, just slightly over 3% of all searches actually result in the clicking of an ad. It seems, Google suggests, that users are more interested in Google’s SERP selections over paid ads. At least for now.
  • Because of this apparent preference, small businesses have an SEO opportunity to shift mobile SEO strategy to better account for the shift in search. The new voice search protocols for local search will be highly refined and you must pay strict attention to details. One of the major factors will be how close the searcher is to your particular business. Your reviews and engagements with customers must be there as well as extreme detail with regard to where you are and what you sell.
  • Location will greatly matter with mobile voice searches but so will your past history of engagement with your customers. Google continues to refine its technology to the point where it can now measure real world interactions. Such considerations as your overall local traffic as well as return customers will play a huge role in the new voice search parameters.
  • Another way to begin to prepare is to begin to concentrate on long tail phrases in your local content where you determine it might be appropriate. There are areas where you will compete with local rivals and you want to be sure that your content works so as to separate yourself as the quality choice for those searching. There are many ways to begin to re-evaluate and approach your SEO going forward so as to accommodate the move to voice so get with your professional firm or team so as to evaluate where you are and where you want to go.

-Written y Kevin Sawyer