VSEO Tips to Get You Results

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The key to any online marketing campaign in this day and age is to include videos. Videos can get your message across in a visually stunning and creative way that hasn’t been seen before. YouTube allows any company to easily upload videos to be viewed by customers and potential clients. But what’s the right way to market those videos? Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) is the answer. With the right VSEO techniques, your videos can land on the front pages of Google search engine results page and on the first page of YouTube. Here are the VSEO tips you need to get your video noticed:

  • High Quality Video Content: The first step for any VSEO is to make sure the actual content is highly engaging by your audience. Like content for a blog, your videos need to be for your audience and not for the search engine bots.
  • A Good Title: Creating a good title can be a challenge for some. It needs to be unique, interesting while at the same time including your target keyword or key phrase and share what the video is about.
  • The URL: This is for any videos that you host on your own site. The landing URL should at least include the title of your video which will include your keyword or key phrase.
  • A Good Thumbnail: There are two things viewers look at when deciding to watch a video, the title and the video’s thumbnail image. Without an interesting thumbnail, viewers will move on to another video.
  • Descriptive Descriptions: Even though descriptions are often ignored by viewers, they are still a prime place for VSEO. Descriptions should be creative and relay the message of what the video is about. This is a great place to incorporate multiple keywords and key phrases without overstuffing.
  • Using Tags: Tags are often ignored by marketers and is a practice you should get into. Tags are highly rated for VSEO purposes and need to be used. Any related keywords to the video should be tagged as well as any events or individuals in the video.
  • Create Links: VSEO much like regular SEO is based on the amount of activity the site or video is getting. You need to create links to your video by linking to it in your social media accounts, posting it on your site or blog, and sharing it with your regular viewers. Encourage viewers to embed the videos and share it on their own sites.
  • Encourage Syndication: Allow and encourage viewers to subscribe to your videos. This will allow you to build a followership by letting viewers know when your newest videos are uploaded.
  • Create a Sitemap: The best way to get the search engine crawlers to notice your videos is to create a video sitemap. This is great for VSEO as it allows the crawlers to locate and categorize your videos easier.