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Posted on May 11, 2010 in Video SEO

One of the largest areas of growth in internet marketing is Video SEO, and there is no magic bullet to ensure success when launching a VSEO campaign.  Beginning with keyword selection and analysis through production, optimization and distribution, you must have a bullet proof VSEO strategy to succeed.  Below is an introduction to some of our favorite tools we use to ensure the success of our VSEO campaigns.

Keyword Tools

The single most important step in VSEO marketing is keyword analysis.  Your keywords will identify your video for users in Universal Search and they are the backbone of your entire VSEO campaign.  Basic keyword tools such GoogleAdWords tool, Wordtracker, Microsoft’s adCenter Labs, and KeywordDiscovery work great in your VSEO campaign.

Caption Tools
is Google’s own tool to create a transcript for your video.  Transcripts can help your VSEO campaign tremendously when used appropriately.  CaptionTube allows you to export and upload your transcripts and captions directly to your YouTube account. DotSub is another excellent Video SEO tool with robust support for multiple languages, including multi-byte character sets.

Distribution Site Aggregators
l and Traffic Geyser both provide a single point of entry onto the most popular video sharing sites and are indispensible for any Video SEO campaign.  They also provide detailed analytics about your video’s performance on the web using multiple sources of online video-viewing data.  These tools allow you to measure the when, where and how of your Video SEO  performance and measure the impact your VSEO campaigns. An additional important feature is the ability to gather and share competitive intelligence.  TubeMogul’s basic featureset is free.

Both TubeMogul and Traffic Geyser feature paid subscription services which also offer many other video promotion and analytic services such as cost-per-view audiences, a self-service dashboard, region tracking, and referring sites (including referring terms).  In addition, Traffic Geyser can submit content to blog sites, audio to podcasting sites, and articles to sharing sites.

To help with which online video platform(s) on which to host your Video SEO campaign, VidCompare is a tool that compares hosting providers in a vendor-neutral environment.  Included are user reviews, side-by-side comparisons, and detailed provider information.

Social Media Community
Don’t overlook the free social media tools available to promote your VSEO strategy.  Sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are sites with high Universal Search engine authority as they contain exclusively user-generated content.  Make sure to use these as distribution platforms for your Video SEO campaigns.

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