These webinar stats just may shock you

When the subject of webinars gets brought up there are the inevitable yawns and quick dismissals. However, latest research from GoToWebinar just may make you sit up and take notice. Many companies of all sizes continue to use the webinar as a way to reach customers and educate them with regard to their products and services. Some of the findings include the fact that over 70% of B2B marketing strategies include the webinar as an important tool and that nearly 60% of all companies that employ webinars will continue to do so long into the future.

The study included a look at over 16,000 customers who put on overĀ  350,000 online presentations and events during a one year period. So, what else was in the GoToWebinar study?

  • Email continues to be the most effective way to promote webinars and nearly 70% of all registrations occur during the week leading up to the webinar with 11AM being the most opportune time to broadcast.
  • The B2B marketers use the webinar the most as a way of reaching out and that most B2B marketers are doing between 20-25 webinars a year. Over 70% of all those attending webinars have been solicited through regular email campaigns. Extensive email lists are proving invaluable to the continued success of seminars or most B2B marketers.
  • The most successful webinar presentations take advantage of the fact that most successful webinar using companies will launch their heavy marketing 2-3 days before the event because nearly a third of attendees wait until the last minute to sign up. Marketing will remain heavy a month to six weeks out from the presentation because around 15% of your crowd will sign up way in advance of the webinar.
  • The most advantageous day to show a webinar is on Thursday and the most watched lengths are between an hour and an hour and a half. Don’t expect huge crowds. If you have 50 or so attending regularly, your efforts are well worth it. Remember, the ripple affect also takes hold and word of mouth can be quite strong with webinars. Even better, the research found, is that a great majority of viewers will want to watch the replay rather than attend the live event so ensure that it is easily available at your site.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer