This is why your website needs a complete overhaul

These days, business moves at the speed of light. If you are not traveling that fast, if you are not on top of everything it will take for your business to be successful, you will quickly become overwhelmed by your rivals. Perhaps the most important part of your SEO and social media marketing success is your website. It is what will make or break your business in the long run. Many small businesses need a complete overhaul of their website because it simply isn’t working for them. Your site needs to be dedicated to making conversions, and for that to happen, many things need to be in place. So, here is how to tell that your site really needs to be redesigned.

  • The first disaster is, of course, outdated design. Too many small businesses and entrepreneurs are presenting websites that would have felt right at home in the 1990’s. The challenge is that many business owners think they know something about marketing and web design when the reality is that they really know next to nothing. Another reason is that small business owners will bring in a graphic designer that knows nothing about marketing. Designing your website yourself is just asking for trouble. Marketing is so complex these days that you need a team of designers, as well as marketers, to create a site that is highly functional and efficient as well as being simple and clean. Modular design seems to be the favorite these days but it may not be right for every business.
  • Related to the design is the ease of function for your visitors. If your design is a mess of colors and images and pop ups all over the place, no one is going to stay. In fact, you have less than three seconds to make your impression or they are gone. If your navigation is a disaster, then so, too, will be your bottom line. Know what your bounce rate is. That is one of the telling clues that your site, and your home page in particular, is not doing what it is supposed to be doing which is to take a prospect by the hand and sell them something.
  • Speed is everything these days. If your site is taking longer than three seconds or so to load, kiss those visitors good bye because they are headed over to your competition. Your loading speed also affects your SEO. If your site is just slogging along, it’s time for an overhaul. Finally, if you are not fully optimized for mobile use, you might as well stop what you are doing and go and find a regular job. Mobile search accounts for nearly 70% of all searches and continues to grow. You must be fully optimized to make conversions on mobile devices or you will just continue to fade into the sunset. It is always a great idea to shake up your site design every now and then. It keeps things fresh and exciting and allows you to be as efficient as possible so as to boost your conversions over the short run.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer