What ISN’T Video SEO?

Posted on July 22, 2010 in Video Optimization, Video SEO

Liz Pratt is the Marketing Communications Manager for SearchPro Systems.

The internet has been awash with talk about Video SEO for quite a while. It seems as though many bloggers and SEO companies think that VSEO is a magical easy way to get amazing Universal Search rankings by posting video on the internet. While it’s true that VSEO is can be unique and generates real results, it reaches those goals as part of a group of efforts, not just through distribution.

VSEO isn’t a stand-alone marketing solution. It is a branch of traditional SEO that should never be excluded. It focuses on creating great content, publishing that content so that search engines can easily find it, and describing that content in a relevant manner that follows best practices for SEO. It is not creating any video and spamming it around the internet. Just like traditional SEO, VSEO requires attention to quality and relationship building.

Rather than hurrying to distribute your VSEO content, take time to give it the same care you give any other marketing strategy.  VSEO should focus on driving organic traffic back to the source of the content. It is important that the content be shared and spread using sites like YouTube because users like it, and because it has earned a significant amount of engagement capital.

In addition, even a hilarious viral video means little if users don’t respond to a call to action. While these videos help with branding, they need to be able to bring in business. VSEO isn’t just distribution, it’s the creation of high quality, engaging, and unique content that will turn users into customers. Make sure that your levels of branding are tuned enough that you can see a direct return on your investment.

Video advertising is the fastest growing form of online advertising for a reason. YouTube is huge and reaches more people every day than a blog ever will. And of course, video is rapidly increasing in search engine importance. The sad truth is that there is no magical marketing plot that will get you lots of profits with no investment. But a solid, well-planned, and expertly executed SEO strategy, including VSEO, will bring more users to your website, strengthen relationships, and earn trust in order to help your business succeed in an ever-changing economy.

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