Where is your digital marketing going?

Your online digital marketing has, perhaps, become your most important factor in the success and growth of your business. The challenge has always been that things move so quickly these days that it is often hard to keep up with where exactly you are supposed to be. Often, it seems, that technology morphs just for the sake of morphing but there is little doubt that digital marketing will making some new leaps forward in the very near future. So, what are some of the themes that are likely to be on the forefront of this digital marketing evolution?

  • Voice search has begun to make serious inroads with regard to search and is looking to only become more popular and prevalent as time marches on. Adapting your SEO and content strategy to adapt to voice search needs to be happening now if you have not already started. The voice revolution isn’t just limited to smart phones as the rise in electronic assistants will only look to get bigger and must be taken note of. Start to keep your content rather conversational and start working on those key phrases that will help you gain ground in SERPs.
  • The next two superstars to be are artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Both are around at the moment but both expect to have a huge influence on your digital marketing in the years to come. What will make virtual reality a marketing staple soon will be the preference that people are developing to be totally immersed in a particular experience. Artificial intelligence will continue to move forward into the area of advanced chatbots, extreme personalization and image and video recognition. Now is the time for your business to make these particular investments in your future success.
  • Story telling will have a more prominent role in the future as your brand image and awareness will depend upon it. Businesses must always be ready to shift as wants and preferences change. How can you sell anything if you don’t know what everyone wants all of a sudden? All of these things will mean you must have an even more targeted approach than you already have. As always, be ready to try new things, stay on top of your customer base and demographic, and value patience and communication.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer