Why ecommerce needs to be your future

z123  Instant gratification has been the name of the game for a long time. You no longer have any manner of choice with regard to establishing your site as an ecommerce leader. You can drive traffic with your SEO marketing strategies but if you can’t convert them once they are there, you may as well go back to 9-5 cubicle world.

  • Recent statistics reveal that there are over 190 million online shoppers who are buying regularly from merchants with ecommerce stores. A whopping 80%-85% of all Web users have purchased something online in the last year. Ecommerce sales have actually outgrown retail sales at the store level and are likely to hugely increase that gap over the next few years or so.
  • In addition, recent market research suggests that the rest of the world is quickly catching up to America and the West. Asian countries have been exploding as ecommerce has really taken off there. Is your online and SEO marketing efforts expanding? Are you planning to increase your sales by increasing your reach to the rest of the world?
  • Recent technology upgrades and improvements are making the online shopping experience far safer than it has been at any time in the past. Humiliating breaches at the big guys like Home Depot and Target you say? The major problem was that their security technology was extremely out of date and, because of that, was highly vulnerable as experienced hackers soon proved. You’re smaller, more nimble, more focused on customer satisfaction. You can beat the big boys and girls if you keep that in mind and make the investment in the best and most recent security software and precautions that you can.
  • Finally, shopping behavior has shifted noticeably recently. One out of every twenty dollars spent is now spent online. Also, mobile plays a huge role in the proliferation of ecommerce success. If you do not have responsive design so customers can get to you from their phones and tablets, you may already be out of the game. There are so many tools available to you to succeed online that there really is no longer any valid excuses as to why your ecommerce is not thriving.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer