Why is your social media marketing falling behind?

z130With regard to your SEO and online marketing strategies, social media marketing has proven to be one of the most effective weapons any small business has. So, why are small business owners doing less and less of it?

  •  In some stunning revelations recently released by American Express, nearly half, that’s right-half, of all small business owners they interviewed don’t do any marketing at any of the social media platforms. Also, the study found that social media marketing has seriously declined all across the board from last year to this year. Only Instagram saw a slight uptick in marketing revenue.
  • One of the most startling results of recent marketing research is that small businesses have begun stagnating and falling behind with regard to their SEO and online marketing in general. It seems nearly 60% of American small businesses are barely even updating their content and postings at a rate of at least once a month.
  • Only 30% of them update weekly and less than 15% do so every day. In this age where content is king, and has a tremendous affect on your SEO, rankings, and traffic, it is stunning to discover how far behind small businesses have fallen. Despite this apparent apathy, most small business owners continue to declare that social media marketing is extremely effective for building their brand and for driving traffic.
  • So, what’s the problem here? The most predominant of excuses and rationalizing will have to do with time and money. Small business owners say they don’t have the time to tend to it. What makes you think you know anything about social media marketing? Also, they don’t currently have the resources to hire someone to tend to their social media marketing. A rock and a hard place they call it.
  • Social media marketing must be an integral part of your game plan today. If it isn’t, you will steadily lose ground to your competitors. You must dedicate the resources to it. You can’t afford it? That is always the go-to small business excuse. Can you afford not to? Social media marketing continues to work all across the board. The successful small businesses are engaging in it, sustaining it and driving traffic. More traffic means more conversions which, in turn, means a serious boost in your revenue. So, what are you waiting for?

-Written by Kevin Sawyer