Why Online Video is Important for Your Business

Posted on September 23, 2011 in Marketing, Video Marketing, Video Optimization, Video SEO, VSEO

Online video is a great addition to your small business for many different reasons. Not only can it help you connect and interact with potential and current customers, but it can also give you the edge on your competition by establishing your online marketing presence. It allows you to create a face for your brand and will ultimately help your business grow.

If the financial aspect of bringing in a professional team to create your online video is what has you questioning its necessity, think of it as a lucrative investment—but you don’t necessarily have to break the bank. Your video’s efficacy, however, relies on involving people who provide services that will deliver exactly what your company needs to become a leader in your industry. You want your finished product to exemplify everything your business has to offer and compel your target audience to give their business to YOU. Online video gives you the opportunity to reach beyond your local community, while maintaining the sense of personal interaction. Consumers are more likely to respond positively to a face, rather than just a name.

Depending on what your company has to offer, you have an extensive variety of options for how to use online video to benefit your business. You can establish your product or brand, the services you offer, and your professional objective. You can address universal issues that potential customers can identify with and demonstrate the solutions you can provide. You can include current client testimonials to represent your credibility and success. Most importantly, you can highlight why one should choose you and your business over your competitors. These are just some basic examples. With online video, your company’s functionality is brought to a whole new level.

Furthermore, the presence of online video for your business gives you more opportunities to be found on the online search map. Once you upload your video to a video-sharing website (such as YouTube), when people search for keywords relative to your business, your video link can be located and provided within the search results. This function also allows your video to receive a search engine rank. The higher you are ranked, the higher your link will be on the search results page, creating more traffic to your video link and/or business page, and ultimately generating more business for you! Now, doesn’t that sound like a worthwhile investment for you and your business? IT IS WORTH IT!!

Article written by Meghan Desrosiers.