Why Twitter Should Be a Part of Your Company’s SEO Plan

Posted on November 1, 2010 in Video Marketing, Video Optimization

At this point, most business owners understand the importance of strengthening their presence online with a well designed website, high definition videos, and SEO practices.  However, many business owners may still avoid using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to further their internet marketing efforts.  There are many benefits to using both, and while it may be more obvious to business owners that hundreds of thousands of their potential customers or clients are on Facebook, many may not understand that Twitter is quickly becoming the more popular method for users to keep up with what their favorite businesses are offering.

Although Twitter isn’t as versatile and complex as Facebook, it has many important uses for a business.  These are the top five:

1.  Customer Conversations:  Twitter provides users with the perfect platform to Tweet about their experience with a business, whether it was good or bad, or to even pose questions about where to find a particular service or product.  By being active on Twitter with a business profile, you can keep up with those conversations and comment when appropriate.  (And the more Tweets and Re-Tweets you get, the more that boosts your SEO ratings!)

2.  Putting your logo at eye level:  Just like Kellogg’s places their cereals at eye level for kids at the grocery store, you want to keep your business within clear view of wherever your customers/clients are looking.  Twitter is a hugely popular social community, so people log on frequently and have updates sent directly to their mobile phones.  What better place for a business to be than on a customer/client’s phone when they weren’t even thinking of your products or services at the time?

3.  Stay a step ahead of your competitors:  Even if you’re not convinced that Twitter is right for your business, your competitors think it is, because they’re on it.  Not only that, but you can occasionally monitor what your competitors are doing and saying on Twitter, so you can learn from them and stay one step ahead.

4.  Reputation Management:  As I mentioned above, customers will often report bad experiences with a business on Twitter.  The benefit for your business therein lies with Twitter’s real-time notifications.  If a user Tweets about your business, you will be notified immediately and you can therefore, address the issue immediately.

5.  Customer/Client Profiling:  The number one rule of marketing is to know your target audience and to know what they want.  By being active on Twitter, you can monitor your target demographic to learn what they’re Tweeting about and what they’re currently interested in.  Then you can more effectively market your product/service towards them.

Twitter has many, many benefits to businesses who are trying to market their products and services, and these are just the top five.  Including Twitter and other social media sites with your online marketing efforts will not only increase your SEO rankings, but it will give you the competitive edge that every company wants.