Why video makes you stronger

Video is certainly one strategy that will make your SEO and your social media marketing stronger from day one. Content is everything for the future of your company but if you are not incorporating video into the mix, you are losing out on an excellent opportunity to gain ground in your page ranking.

  • According to the latest research, adding video boosts your click through rate as much as 150%. Also, your bounce rate drops dramatically as visitors spend twice the time on a page with video than on a page without it. Quality content, especially engaging video content, also increases the likelihood of being able to acquire the highest quality backlinks.
  • You need to incorporate your video content everywhere. It all begins at your website as there are dozens of ways to put video to good use including product demos, behind the scenes looks at your company and engaging how-to’s. Using your video capabilities to launch time sensitive promotions and giveaways is also a great idea for driving traffic and engaging customers.
  • One thing that tends to be ignored with regard to video production are the technical aspects such as title tags, proper engaging titles and thumbnails that aren’t just a shot of a piece of the wall. The search engines most assuredly pick up on these things so don’t inadvertently hurt your SEO by not taking the time to optimize these things. If you really want to optimize your video so that it will immediately be picked up by the search engines, all you need do is to provide a full transcript of the entire video. The keywords and phrases it will contain can’t be missed even by the slowest of the search engines.
  • Finally, nothing thrives out at the social media platforms like video. Make them engaging. Make them tell a story. Create¬† continuations so that people need to return to your site often or miss out. There is nothing your video creativity can’t turn into a traffic driving, conversion making monster that will dominate the search rankings.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer