Why your ecommerce strategies aren’t working

So, how has your ecommerce business been lately? Many small and mid sized businesses continue to struggle to find that sweet spot that will drive ecommere traffic and generate conversions. The challenge is, it seems, is that online shoppers have been dodging and weaving in an attempt to find what is working for them also. In an effort to track that and pin it down, Klaviyo went out and talked directly with thousands of online customers to see where they are right now and what they are looking for in a brand. The following is take directly from their recently published research:

  • Klaviyo surveyed over 5,000 online shoppers about how they want to interact with brands—on social media, with email, and in everyday life.

Chart that shows top four marketing channels where consumers hear about new brands.

  • When people look for a new brand, they prefer recommendations from friends and family. Building relationships with your customers and turning them into brand advocates might be a better investment than trying that flashy new channel you may be wondering about.

Stats about why consumers shop from small brands

  • Even as parts of the world reopen, people are keeping their attention local. The survey showed people continue to be excited about shopping local.

Chart that shows what SMS messages people prefer to receive from brands

  • Consumers say email marketing is the way they want to engage with brands they already have a relationship with. Given how easy it can be to personalize emails to feel relevant, it makes sense that consumers enjoy email communications. Along with email, people shared they’re also interested in getting text messages from brands they love.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer