Why your online branding may need more finesse

It seems that, as consumer sentiments shift, a company’s online branding strategy may need to pivot with it. But what is the customer’s expectations these days? How will your business adapt in an effort to strengthen your online branding and company image?  It can all be a bit confusing and tricky to get a handle on as the uncertainty and caution moves forward. However, Salesforce has compiled some key insights and research regarding where your potential customers just may be and what expectations they now might have. The following is taken directly from their published report:

  • During a time when uncertainty and confusion reign, brands have an opportunity to reinforce and rebuild trust with new and loyal customers alike. Ninety percent of customers say how a company acts during a crisis demonstrates its trustworthiness.
  • As each individual navigates change and uncertainty, empathy for and support of customers’ unique needs, expectations, and challenges are as critical, as is providing a convenient, connected experience that
    eliminates unnecessary burdens in a stressful time. Fifty-four percent of customers say it generally feels like sales, service, and marketing don’t share information.
  • As digital engagement grows, customers
    expect companies to digitize their operations for multichannel, high touch interactions. This relies in no small part on the use of personal information, and customers are calling for enhanced transparency and
    stewardship. Eighty-eight percent of customers expect companies to accelerate digital initiatives due to COVID-19.
  • 84% of business buyers are more likely to buy from a company that demonstrates an understanding of their business goals.
  • 83% of customers expect flexible shipping and fulfillment options such as buy-online-pick-up-in-store.
  • 76% of customers expect consistent interactions across departments.

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  • 68% of customers say they’re online more often than not.
  • Only 27% of consumers completely understand how companies use their personal information.
  • 56% of customers have reevaluated the societal role of companies this year.
  • Individuals know the power they wield as consumers and business buyers when it comes to building the world they want to see. Fifty-five percent of customers believe they have the power to influence
    change in companies. In some instances, customers are cutting ties with brands until they’ve addressed ethical shortcomings. Already, 62% of customers claim to have stopped buying from companies whose values didn’t align with theirs. This trend is also influencing B2B purchases.
  • Ultimately, the rising calls for businesses to stand for more than their financial  interests are a call for action, in addition to words. Eighty-nine percent of customers expect companies to clearly state their
    values, and 90% expect them to clearly demonstrate those values.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer