Why your UX may need an overhaul

It has become quite apparent that user experience or, UX, is something that businesses of all sizes can no longer ignore. It seems that UX can greatly affect the state of your business concerning everything from SEO to ranking to the proverbial bottom line. The fickle and volatile nature of today’s consumer can often leave a company confused with regard to how good their UX may be. In some recent intel published by Userguiding, there may be some insights you have overlooked. The following is taken directly from that research:

  • As all UX  designers know, interactivity makes money. Marketers became aware of this in the last couple of years and now it is a whole new marketing strategy. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 81% of marketers agree that interactive content is a more effective way of attracting the customer than the static content.
  • Letting the user try your product is probably one of the oldest marketing tricks, and today we have the opportunity of letting them try for free. If you’ve ever seen a 360-degree video, you know how thrilling it is and at least 360 times better than a normal video. Letting the user try your product is probably one of the oldest marketing tricks, and today we have the opportunity of letting them try for free.
  • Emails are here to stay. Being a very simple form of communication, email – somehow – proved itself to be resilient to time, so the best strategy for marketers is to make it work even better. That’s where they decided to sprinkle some interactivity over it. You probably received dozens of emails with a promotion code or product images. Marketers found a way to make it more fun and it is really a small change as a concept but a great change in terms of impact. According to a study conducted by Zembula, interactive emails get more clicks than static ones. All customers want is to have some fun, after all.

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  • Voice search is probably the most tech-forward thing that happened in the last decade. Voice search translates into a purchase. 62% of those who regularly use voice-activated speakers say that they are likely to make purchases through voice-activated speakers in the next month. Start by using more colloquial language on your business website. People tend to use simple words while talking to AI. And remember that SEO is more based on context than keywords now.
  • Omnichannel marketing means being present and reaching your audience on different channels such as social media, emails, apps, and websites. And it works. According to Omnisend marketing automation statistics, purchase frequency is 250% higher on omnichannel compared to single-channel marketing. Start by categorizing your customers. Find out who buys which product and where do these customers frequent. After locating them on platforms, make sure you personalize your ads. It is a proven fact that people tend to dislike it when irrelevant ads pop up on their feed or emails.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer