Will Google’s “mobile first” upend your SEO?

The search god Google has done it again. Always ready to fix something that isn’t broken, Google has recently unveiled yet another search algorithm that just may upend everyone’s SEO marketing strategies. For 2018 and beyond, the search game is going to change once again. A couple of months back, Google released its “mobile first indexing” and then its “page speed” algorithm right on its proverbial heels. So, what does this all mean for your business?

  • The first major change you must adapt to is that your mobile website is going to be the first thing that a Google search bot will crawl. Your desktop version has become almost irrelevant. This is, however, only for the Google search engine. This means some new changes for those potential customers who are looking for you through a Google SERP. Not only has Google decided this but has also issued best practices guidelines for businesses. For ranking in the future with Google, it is your mobile site that will have priority when the Google bots begin to crawl.
  • So, now there is a new search directive and you must adapt or die. Basically, if you have not optimized your website for mobile functionality, you will likely lose rank. Your desktop site and content will still be searched but it is the mobile sites that will have priority in future Google SERPS. Now is the time that your mobile strategy must be developed and launched. If you are not already optimized for mobile, you are way behind. Your mobile site must have the highest priority and must function within the best practices of what makes a mobile website effective.
  • Know what makes for an effective mobile site. It must be constructed a bit differently from your desktop site. Also, don’t forget that speed is everything. You must be faster. Your mobile site must load within three to four seconds or your audience is gone. In fact, Google’s new page speed algorithm was specifically designed to measure speed. Loading speed is now one of the top three factors with regard to ranking. This is especially true for videos. Video is now the most important content feed for mobile and they must load quickly or you will never have a chance to capture the audience you are looking for.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer