Will your visuals actually boost your SEO?

z164 When trying to develop a winning SEO strategy, it is critical to keep in mind that everything you do is about how potential customers are engaging with you and your business. Engagement is everything. It is a powerful force in your social media marketing strategy and it is equally powerful when you decide to employ it in your overall SEO strategies.

  • ¬†Getting potential clients and customers to interact with you depends on many things with regard to your SEO marketing strategies. Perhaps one of the strongest, and most effective, ones is the use of images, pictures, and, especially, video. Images are a major draw to any website or social media platform. While content remains king with regard to your SEO traffic, the use of high quality photos and video is fast becoming the queen.
  • The use of images at your site and at your social media platforms will greatly increase user engagement and click through rates. As keywords become less and less a force in SEO, the focus has begun to shift, for quite some time, to content and visual media. Strong, engaging, and regularly posted content is what the algorithms are seeing as well as any photos or videos you display to enhance engagement and encourage conversions.
  • Working your content and visuals into a coordinated effort takes planning and execution. The Web is overrun with content so you need yours to stand out. The highest quality possible will, normally, do it as there is so much content out there that is elementary school level. To secure a solid SEO boost, make sure any content you create has a relevant picture of short video to accompany it.
  • Search engines, particularly Google and those at social media platforms like Facebook, are placing more emphasis on the existence of photos and videos at a page or a site. Images are turning up much higher on the SEO scale than ever before. An additional boost is had when those images actually relate back to the content or product and service descriptions being displayed at the site.
  • Finally, recent research has found that nearly 50% of users become actively engaged with content or promotions when they are accompanied by a stunning and professional visual. In addition, nearly 70% of user traffic is being converted to sales simply by the additional use of a visual to enhance content or a product or service.