Working remotely remains the near future

The future, it seems, has never been more unknowable. One thing that does seem to be in the future of small businesses is working remotely. There seems to be mixed reviews coming in from all over but has gone out to see exactly what the state of working remotely just might be. The following is taken directly from their recently published research:

  • As 500% more Americans are projected to work remotely over the next two years, people seem to be adjusting well amidst difficult circumstances. The report, The State of Remote Work, provides a comprehensive look at productivity, communication and working hours for American workers since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Working from Home is Popular. Maybe It’s Here to Stay?

  • 69% enjoy working from home more than they expected .
  • 54% say they’re more productive at home than in the office.
  • 17% work with a pet or child in their lap

Communication is on an uptick:

  • 21% said their team communicates more
  • 19% said “I’m more communicative” regarding team transparency

We’re Home, And Working More Than Ever

  • 50% miss work-life separation, and 27% miss having specific working hours
  • 29% are working more at night
  • 31% are working more in the early morning
  • 49% spend more time at their computer

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People Still Miss the Office

  • 44% miss their coworkers
  • 21% miss lunch breaks outside

We’re Sleepy

  • 52% wake up later because they don’t have to commute
  • 37% wear pajamas during the day

Word Affiliation: Reflective and Exhausting

  • 41% of people describe their WFH experience as productive
  • 30% describe it as reflective
  • 25% admit that it’s exhausting

Our Personal Lives Are Changing Too

  • 42% call friends/family more
  • 28% eat meals that are healthier
  • 17% shower less

-Written by Kevin Sawyer