Writing the Perfect Blog Post for SEO

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Blogs are one of the most prolific ways to spread news and information across the internet. They are the perfect tool for your marketing team to tell the world about a new product or service, to share the newest company news, or to share media with your customers. But the blog has another purpose, and that is its ability to strengthen your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The key behind a successful blog is balancing marketing and creativity to create the perfect blend of SEO and great content. Following are a few tips you can use to strengthen your blog for SEO.

1. Use those Headlines: The headline’s the thing in which you’ll capture the attention of your readers. You get one chance when they’re scrolling through the massive world that is the internet to grab readers’ attentions. You might be thinking, “If I use many keywords, the search engines will rate it higher.” This is not the right thought process, as keyword stuffing a headline will turn readers off and potentially lead to penalties from search engines. Headlines need to be natural with just a touch of SEO so search engines will rate it high and readers will click on it.

2. Know what’s Going On: The world we live in is ever changing and if you don’t keep up, then your readers will go elsewhere to get the news and information they want. By discussing the current issues and trends in your industry, your readers will be more likely to engage with you. Encourage them to leave comments and start discussions. A more active blog will gain a higher SEO and rate higher in search engine results.

3. Share your Sources: You want to be a leading expert in your industry, but you have to keep in mind that your readers are not. If you’re discussing a topic that requires a bit more background information, then provide links to those places, whether it is a Wikipedia page, an article on another blog, or an informational website. You might be afraid of losing your readers, but they’ll appreciate not having to slog through endless amounts of Google pages to find the information themselves.

4. Be you: When it comes to blogging, it’s not about creating some false identity or trying to write like it’s an industry journal. Your readers are more likely to stick around in a more casual atmosphere. You have to find that balance of being professional and factual while remaining conversational. A following of readers will be more likely to keep coming back to your blog once they recognize your unique tone of voice. Happy readers make for more traffic, and more traffic makes for higher SEO and higher search engine rankings.