Yahoo poised to boost marketing and ad revenue opportunities

yahoo-campus   Yahoo recently announced that it has begun a concerted effort to revamp its advertising and marketing strategies. New Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer wants a more integrated and vibrant presentation that compliments Yahoo’s current content.

 Meyer had spent a long time at Google and was responsible for new search innovations there. Not only is she concentrating on new ad content but has become focused on the mobile technology sector especially in regard to its search capabilities. Yahoo has been struggling for years with regard to losing market share to rivals and Meyer is determined to establish a new program designed to make Yahoo advertisers more effective in reaching Yahoo’s 800 million users. Meyer is Yahoo’s seventh CEO in only the last five years.

 Yahoo has seen a constant turnover at the top in recent years and it has caused the social media giant to stumble and fall behind its more relevant rivals like Facebook and Google. The marketing strategies seem to paying some early dividends as Yahoo is beginning to integrate ads that are related to certain content in an effort to boost both readership and click through rates.

 Yahoo finds itself far behind the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Google with regard to mobile devices. Meyer knows that dearth needs to be seriously addressed as more and more people rely on staying connected through their mobile devices. Yahoo estimates that over half of their monthly users are accessing them by means of their cell phones. Meyer has commented publicly that she has been working frantically to put together an all new marketing strategies team and declares that traffic has increased and that the company is more fixated on generating revenue.

 One major strategy to emerge is an easier platform for marketers to employ in an effort to engage Yahoo’s user base. In addition, Yahoo and Meyer have begun to focus on stream ads. Stream ads, or native ads, are blended in with news feeds and other content and are, generally a sponsored situation and are specifically designed to look like the regular feature content and news reports.

 Though still way behind, Yahoo’s new marketing strategies will now make it easier and more cost effective for companies, as well as small business, to reach almost one billion monthly users.