You Have Ten Seconds! Customer Testimonials Plus VSEO Equals Staying Power

Posted on September 16, 2010 in Video Optimization, Video SEO

Sara Beaudoin is the Marketing Communications Manager for SearchPro Systems.

How much money is your company spending on SEO and VSEO?  These days, paying for SEO and VSEO services is a very wise investment for your company.  Typically, a person will spend ten seconds or less deciding either to stay on your site or to move on and search for another one.  If you can ensure that those potential customers or clients will stay on your site beyond the initial ten seconds, then your money is being well spent!

There are many SEO and VSEO tools that combine to ensure the person stays on your site beyond those ten seconds, and here’s a new one:  customer testimonials, but in video form!  I’m sure we can all agree, based on VSEO blogs and articles in the past, that videos are much more engaging and eye catching than text.  Positive customer testimonials are a huge asset to a company’s website and social media pages, but they’re not likely to be where a visitor to your site spends those crucial ten seconds, unfortunately.  However, if those testimonials are in video form, they can be placed in prime locations on your website or social media sites.  How many companies would love their site visitors to watch one of their happiest customers talk about their great products and services and how they would recommend said company to their friends and family?  What great advertising!

Not only are videos more eye catching, but they will reach customers on a more personal level.  Seeing and hearing a customer speak adds emotion and relatability to the company and their products and services.  Think about the automotive repair industry.  When looking for a local garage to work on her car, a young female may be worried that she will be overcharged for simple repairs or instructed to pay for more repairs than necessary.  If she finds a video of another young female reviewing a local garage, she would probably be very likely to click on the link to watch that video.  Then, after listening to the other young female discuss the great service she received, the honesty of the mechanics and the friendliness of the staff, she will be much more likely to choose that garage as her local auto repair shop.

A well made video of a satisfied customer, combined with VSEO can help increase your company’s business more than customer testimonials ever have before!