Young Millennial looks to launch a business a week for an entire year

colin grussing 

Young Millennial entrepreneur Colin Grussing has certainly given himself the challenge of a lifetime. He has declared that he will begin launching one new business each week and will continue to do so for an entire year. While it would seem quite enough for one lifetime to launch and successfully run just one venture, young Mr. Grussing is unfazed.

Grussing is 28 years old and hails from New Orleans. He is a graduate of Yale and a veteran of the Shark Tank reality television show. He currently has three employees and a handful of interns prepared to make this idea happen. His venture launch is called 52Businesses and he already has several ideas.

 Grussing has set the bar rather high but time constraints seem to make that a necessity. He looks for the business idea to be viable, as well as profitable, within a week’s time. Some ideas already in the cauldron include a survival camp for adults where they will be trained in weapons and other doomsday survival tactics. Also, young Grussing thinks that mobile yoga classes will catch on.

 The business is housed in an old rickety school bus from the 1980’s. The bus is called the Business Operations Bus or, more affectionately, BOB. He has a fully realized marketing strategy in place for the adventure as he will have daily updates featured on numerous social media sites. There is even talk of blogs and podcasts.

 Grussing hopes he and his fellow adventurers can stay a month ahead of themselves with regard to ideas and logistics. At just 28, Grussing does not seem to have to worry about money to survive on. He has made himself a comfortable amount through previous ventures which included a dealership selling sidecars for motorcycles and a business selling bodysuits made from spandex. The bodysuit venture is the one that got him seen on the Shark Tank show.

 Young Grussing is nothing if not fired up. While the Millennial generation tends to take its hits and has a bad rep, one thing you can say about them is that they are, indeed, a fired up generation when they find something they are passionate about.