Your social media must show measurable results

z131 Your social media marketing campaigns are vital to your success. There is no longer any getting around that. If you are not actively recruiting customers and clients out on social media, then you run the risk of losing ground to your competitors.

Measuring the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy can be rather tricky. Every business is different and you must be able to design an ROI strategy that will be specific to your company. Your overall social media marketing strategy must have measurable results in order to be effective and cost efficient. Your measurements must be an overall part of the formal plan right from the outset.

  •  The first part of your plan needs to be the establishment of measurement metrics that will reveal your ROI. In addition, you must understand what you are trying to accomplish with your social media marketing campaign. Ideally, you are using those relevant sites to drive traffic to your website and to build relationships with those potential customers.
  • Social media marketing can be highly effective in that you won’t just be reaching one potential client or customer. If that one potential is attracted to you, you just may find that they will spread the word to their social network contacts as well. Sharing and engagement is everything.
  • Remember, all of your social media marketing tactics are aimed toward one thing and that is for the viewer to take action. Your content and calls to action must lead them to click through to your website. Once there, it is up to your site to convert their traffic into sales.
  • Decide which social media platforms you will use in your social media marketing campaign and devise a way to track those that click through. While a social media marketing strategy can be cost saving, it is a labor intensive project. It costs you nothing to get out there to advertise and post but you must have a dedicated professional or team to handle your social media marketing campaign.

Your overall social media marketing strategy needs to have a dedicated professional team if it is to work. If you do not have one, go out and seek a professional SEO firm that can make it happen for you. This will give you the team you need so that you can have strong data to understand what is working with your social media marketing strategy as well as the ability to be flexible enough to change tactics when the need calls for it.